The capping machine is a process machine of quickly capping the bottle after filling is complete or sealing so that it does not leak out. The sealing method includes a stoppering process with a rubber stopper and a process of sealing with an aluminum cap thereafter, and there is a type of sealing directly with a vial cap. The process design differs depending on the type of cap.


  •  Supply turntable
  •  Transfer conveyor
  •  Timing screw 
  •  Supply star wheel, exit star wheel
  •  Timing rotating frame
  •  Capping machine rotating frame
  •  Ceiling knife

Proficiency verification Finishing batter capping machine


The capping machine is the last hitter in the filling process. The solution should not leak, the appearance should not be damaged, and the original design should be maintained.

01  Driving principle

It is a method of cap sealing the vial that rotates by up-down movement of the sealing head, and there are rotary rotation method and point sealing method.


Vibration-type supply system operates automatically at the same time as the bottle is supplied, and if the bottle is not supplied, the cap is not supplied. Depending on the type of cap, the automatic feeding device is changed.

03  The range of CAP support

  • Rotating bottle cap
  •  Stopping type double cap
  •  Flat Type Vial injection cap
  •  Cock-type injection cap< /li>

04  High Speed Rotary Type

The high-speed rotation principle can maximize production per minute, and up to 240 sealing can be implemented.

05  Process Automation System

Sensors are operated for each process to automatically perform stop and operation, and the bottles arranged and automatically supplied by the turntable are sequentially washed, and the entire process transferred to the next process is automatically performed.

06  Commit GMP Guide Line

It conforms to GMP standards and is designed to conform to international safety standards. Quality support is possible based on the customer’s URS, and validation processes such as FNDS, DQ, IQ, and OQ are supported.

Support Type

용기크기5ml이상(캡핑 크기에 따른 캡핑헤드 다름)
최대속도(개수/분당)60 개 이상(최대 240개 구성 가능)
헤더 수량최소 1개(목표 수량에 구조 결정)
크기1,040mm(W) x 860mm(L) x 1,950mm(H)
구성에 따라 크기 상이함.
전원사양3상, 220V/380V 선택, AC 50Hz/60Hz