We are together with 35 years of know-how in Pharmaceutical Filling Machine.

The basics of a pharmaceutical filling machine start with the cleaning process. The process of cleaning, sterilization, filling, and capping is an important lineup of quality assurance, and Yusung PS Co., Ltd. manufactures a high-quality system using materials that are faithful to the basics of pharmaceutical automation equipment, and uses   We also provide Validation Document. 


Purified water washer

This is a high-speed vial washer that cleans 7 times using high-pressure water and high-pressure air.

Ultrasonic Washing Machine

It performs a more complete cleaning process through ultrasonic cleaning first, and high-pressure cleaning with purified water and high-pressure air cleaning.



This is the process of sterilizing the vial that has been cleaned, and through the process of sterilizing the vial at a high temperature over 300 degrees Celsius or more than 10 minutes, the container is completely sterilized before filling.

By forming laminar flow by HEPA Filter, external air inflow is blocked, effective sterilization proceeds, and it is a fully automated process from supply to output.


Liquid Vial Filling Machine

This is a device that fills a vial with a liquid solution. It is a process device that injects a quantity into a vial supplied through a time screw from a heater without error, and even auto-stoppering.

Injection Ampoule Filling Machine

It is a device that quickly fills and finishes a large amount of ampoule products by dosing injections into the ampoule and dissolving the ampoule spout quickly.

Powder Filling

This is a device that quantitatively fills powdered materials in a container that has been washed, and is manufactured for containers ranging from 10mg to 100mg.


Inner Capping Machine

The bottle that has been filled must be quickly capped and sealed, and this inner cap capping machine plays its role. More than 200 cappings per minute can be performed.

Outer cap capping machine

It is a process to maximize product value by putting an outer cap on a bottle that has been sealed. It can also be called outer cap stoppering.



This is a process equipment that completes the entire process of container cleaning, filling, and capping while one rotary table is rotating, and the number of production per minute is determined according to the bottle size.

Eye drops monobloc filling machine

When planning less than 60 eye drops per minute, a monoblock is sufficient. Container cleaning, filling, inner cap stopping, out cap stopper, and capping are performed quickly and automatically in one rotation.

Tube filling monobloc MACHINE

Ointment Tube Filling Machine

It is a monoblock tube filling machine that fills a tube with an ointment and completes the cap through laminating adhesion.

Seasoning Tube Filling Machine

The tube charger is also used in the process of filling the tube with condiments for food.