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We, Yoosung Filling System, are a manufacturing company specializing in filling automation systems.

Since quantitative filling is the key of quality in pharmaceuticals,it requires precise standards for quantitative filling, and we have already been verified by supplying them to 500 leading pharmaceutical companies in Korea.

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In the pharmaceutical filling line, a series of manufacturing processes such as container washing process, sterilization process, quantitative filling process, sealing and capping process are verified and released in the factory. There are procedures to properly install and verify, and experience and know-how in all these processes are the strengths of Yoosung Filling System.

The pharmaceutical manufacturing process requires the most high level quality process, and all processes are recorded. Since it complies with the international standard GMP, the supplier must provide sufficient evidence and documentation, but we are designing and manufacturing in one factory, so we are adequately providing the requirements of pharmaceutical companies.

< p>With a quality management system in accordance with GMP standards, we have achieved a record of exporting filling lines in the same manner to not only domestic pharmaceutical companies, but also leading overseas pharmaceutical companies.

Manufacturing and construction of pharmaceutical filling line

  •  Injection filling line
  •  Liquid Vial filling line
  •  Ointment tube filling line
  •  Powder filling line

Monobloc Rotary Filling Machine

The process of cleaning, filling, and packing the container in one rotating process

  • Eye drop filling monoblock
  • Ointment filling monoblock
  • Ointment tube-filled monoblock

Food filling line manufacturing and construction

  •  Gochujang Tube Filling Monoblock
  •  Wasabi Tube Filling Monoblock

Manufacture and construction of cosmetic filling line

  • Liquid filling line

Multiply Automation Platform Creator

The definitive solution for quantitative filling

Your company should focus on material development. We will provide 35 years of know-how of quantitative charging line.

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